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Dry Amendments

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Soil Conditioners

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Soluble Powders

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Liquid Nutrients

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Beneficial Biology

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Dry Amendments

Apply the right dry product at the right time to improve or repair soil.

Alfalfa Meal 2-0.52-2
Bat Guano 0-7-0
Bat Guano 9-3-1
Blood Meal 12-0-0
Bone Meal
Calcitic Limestone
Crab Shell 4-4-0
Epsom Salt
Feather Meal
Fishbone Meal
Glacial Rock Dust
Kelp Meal
Leafy Green Special 7-1-2 OMRI, OIM

Certified organic soy bean derivative — fast to medium nitrogen release.

Micro Algae Meal

Cultured in brewery wastewater; recover nutrients stripped during wastewater treatment.

Neem Seed Meal 5-1-2

Feed soil microbes with a medium nitrogen release rate.

Oyster Shell Flour
Palm Bunch Ash 0-0-15
Paramagnetic Rock Dust

Granite dust with magnetite encourages electromagnetic current in roots.

Salinas Veggie Mix 8-4-4 WSDA Organic, OIM
Seabird Guano 0-11-0
Seabird Guano 2-6-0
Seabird Guano Pelletized 12-12-2.5
Shrimp Shell 6-6-0
Steamed Bone Meal 1-12-0
Sulfate of Potash
Sulfate of Potash 0-0-50

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Soil Conditioners

Ensure long-term soil health by grooming with a selection of conditioners.

Chicken Manure
Dairy Compost
Fibergro Shredded Yucca
Lava Rock
Mt Mazama Pumice

Crater Lake volcanic material holds water and nutrients while increasing soil porosity.

Mushroom Compost
Royal Gold Worm Castings
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Soluble Powders

Fast-acting source of nutrients and growth stimulators.

Full Mineral Fulvic Powder
Humic Acid Powder 58.5%
Kelp Powder 1-0-18
Nitro Soy Blast 12.9-0-0 Amino Powder
Soluble Micronutrients
Yucca Powder
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Liquid Nutrients

Instant nutrient delivery for quick boosts to soil vitality and plant production.

Eco-Hydro Fish 1.5-3-0.2 OMRI, OIM, WSDA Approved
Eco-Hydro Shrimp 0-7-0
Eco-Nereo Kelp OMRI, OIM, WSDA Organic
Fish Concentrate 4-2-0
Fish Hydrolysate 2-5-0.2
Molasses 0-0-2 OMRI, OIM
Phyta-Cal QC WSDA Organic, OIM
Phyta-Set QC WSDA Organic, OIM

Calcium and boron organic foliar spray delivers nutrients immediately.

Phytamin All Purpose 4-3-4 OMRI, OIM
Phytamin Clear 4-0.3-1 OMRI, OIM
Phytamin Fish 3-2-0 OMRI, OIM
Phytamin Gold 5-1-2 OMRI, OIM

Liquid fish hydrolysate offers fast nitrogen application for microbial growth.

Plant Extract 3-2-2
Tappin' Roots 4 in 1 Plant Tonic
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Beneficial Biology

Strengthen roots and enhance nutrient performance with microbe application.

Mycoapply Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizae
Soluble Bacillus Blend
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